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ACT! Contact Management Software

ACT! is a great fit for small companies looking to implement their first CRM/Contact Management system. It provides an affordable and feature-rich solution to organize your Sales and Marketing activities and make your company more efficient:

A single location for all of your customer and prospect information

All communications (calls, letters, emails, quotes, etc.) get stored with the contact record in Act! and are accessible across the organization.

A tool that makes your people more organized and productive

Act! users can schedule follow-ups, manage their calendars, document conversations, share information with other departments, and use sales data to close more sales.

Forecast Sales

The Sales Opportunities section in Act! gives your company the ability to reliably forecast sales each month and quarter. You will also be able to track sales that are Won and Lost.

Robust Synchronization Capabilities

Act! allows you to setup your traveling salespeople with a copy of the main Act! database that they can take on the road with them and synchronize over the Internet or when they return to the office.

ACT! integrates with Microsoft Outlook Email

When you send an email from Outlook, you will have the option to attach the email to the Contact in Act!. If you click on an email address in Act!, it will open up an Outlook new email window. You have a button in Outlook to attach inbound emails to contacts in Act!.

Marketing will have a single, flexible database tool

Users can quickly select target segments, and mail or email marketing pieces to. They will also be able to strategically mine customer and prospect data to use for more targeted marketing campaigns.

ACT! Accounting Links for Quickbooks and Sage 50

We have also developed accounting links for Act! to integrate it with your accounting software to make businesses more efficient. Companies that have separate Act! and Accounting databases deal with inefficiency and redundant work on a daily basis.

Our Quickbooks Link for Act! is called QSalesData (


Our Sage50 Link for Act! is called S50SalesData (

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