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Reasons our customers run SageCRM at their companies

SageCRM Enhancement Portfolio

Accelerator Outlook Add on for SageCRM

SageCRM is a robust mid-market CRM package the integrates directly with the Sage 100 Accounting/ERP system. If you currently have Sage 100 implemented for Accounting at your company, or you are thinking about it, then SageCRM is a great fit.

  • Implement a central Sales and Marketing database.  Gives you a spot to store your prospect records, and gives you the ability to perform targeted marketing via email or other methods.

  • Attach emails from Outlook to SageCRM, and track other key sales activities in SageCRM so that it can be shared with CRM users company wide.  Users can pull up any Company in SageCRM and see who communicated with them last and what was said.

  • Give CRM users access to key Sage 100 sales data with having to give them access to Sage 100 directly.  Sage 100 transaction and items purchased history can be accessed directly within the SageCRM product.

  • Forecast sales and implement a formal quote follow-up system using the SageCRM opportunity module

  • Generate Sage 100 from within the SageCRM and email the quotes from CRM so they are standardized and tracked

  • Use the Case Management system in SageCRM to manage and track customer issues is you have a Service/Support component to your business

  • Build Opportunity and Case workflow systems to formalize and guide users through specific system processes

  • Build custom dashboards to display key information on a single screen

  • Additional enhancement

Over the 10+ years that Effective Solutions has been working with SageCRM we have developed an extensive portfolio of pre-built enhancement items that can be installed in your SageCRM system.  If you would like to get more from your SageCRM investment, review our list of enhancements to see if any would be a good fit for your company.

The Accelerator product gives the user a SageCRM screen that appears in their Outlook.  It is the most popular 3rd party addon that we sell.  Accelerator is a great tool for your CRM power users that need more robust Outlook integration for SageCRM.  It is also a great solution for customers running Outlook and SageCRM in Terminal Services sessions.

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