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SageCRM Enhancement List

Advanced Customization Package

This is a core requirement of most of our other enhancement items.  Most of our SageCRM customers that are integrated already have this package in place, and they are loving it!
The out-of-the-box integration between SageCRM and Sage 100 gives you some nice functionality, but it doesn't give you all of the sales and purchase information you need. Our Advanced Customization packages gives you key sales fields (YTD Sales, Last Invoice Date, Past Due Balances, etc.) on the company record, and well as visibility to Sage100 Quotes, Open Orders, Invoices and Item level purchase history. This is all visible in SageCRM without needing to login to Sage 100.

Add Tracking Numbers to Invoice Data

Make Tracking Numbers available to CRM users when they are reviewing invoice transactions from the Invoices tab of a Company record.

Scripts that auto update the CRM Account Manager using the Sage 100 SalepersonNo information.

Customer Monthly Sales Breakdown

Displays monthly sales totals for the Customer record you are on SageCRM 

Filter Out Image files from Documents Tab

When emails are attached to SageCRM, the signatures on those emails often contain 3-4 image files that also get attached and parsed on to the Documents tab in SageCRM.  These image files clutter up the Documents tab.  We implement scripts to filter out these unwanted image files from the Documents tab in SageCRM.

Display Contents of attached emails as Text

Implement scripts that will read through your attached email communications and convert the first 400 characters of the HTML body of the email and write it to the Details of the communication so the text can be displayed on the Communications List view and also on Communication related reports.

S5Maps - Google Maps Integration for SageCRM

This enhancement displays all of your SageCRM companies on a Google map.  You also have the option of implementing a routing modules if you sales team needs to plan and manage route sales.

Last Communication Date Tracking

One of the biggest challenges for sales organizations is making sure they touch base with their customers on a regular basis. The base SageCRM system that we provide you includes a system for tracking the Last Communication Date and it will flag accounts that haven't been contacted in 30, 60 or 90 days so you can take action on those accounts. You can then use those fields in lookups, groups, reports and best of all, dashboard gadgets.

Displaying Open Balance Info on Invoices in CRM

We add Aging Days and Open Balance amounts to your Invoice transactions in SageCRM to give your CRM users the information they need to help with collections.

MyCRM > Activity Report

When you click on the tab it displays all of the communications entered into SageCRM in the last week, with the most recent entries at the top.  This is great for managers that want to take a quick look at the conversations that are happening in the field with their sales and inside sales teams.  You can use  search boxes to quick filter and search data in the communications entries and you can adjust the date range.

Mailchimp Email Duplication Scripts

We have developed scripts and views in SageCRM to remove the duplicates from the group list before they are sent to Mailchimp, so you can store duplicate email addresses in SageCRM and still send the lists to Mailchimp.

MyCRM > Items Sold Report

Displays all of the Items Sold for the current year with YTD sales totals compared to previous years. You can use the search boxes to quick filter and search data in the list of items sold.

Move Person to New Company Button

Effective Solutions has developed scripts and can add a Move Person to New Company button to your SageCRM system to let you move person records to a new company in CRM.

Next Action Date Tracking

This enhancement will display the Next Action Date and Next Action Details if there is a Pending Communication scheduled for the company.

MyCRM > Customer Report

Displays your Customer list by YTD Sales in descending order, so your best customers are at the top of the list.  Provides YTD sales comparisons with last year.  Great for managers and salespeople that want to quickly review customer sales.

Opportunity Stats Package

A package of customer reports in SageCRM that allows companies to monitor how many opportunities/quotes are getting created and how many are In Progress, Won and Lost along with conversion rates and a bunch of other related statistics.  If your company uses Opportunities in SageCRM to manage quotes, this may be a good fit for you.

MyCRM > My Open Orders and My Invoices

These tabs let your CRM users get a quick list of Sage 100 Open Orders and Invoices by user or for a particular date range from within SageCRM.

Quick Communication Buttons

If you have repetitive communications that you are expecting your SageCRM users to enter into the system, this is the enhancement for you. Effective Solutions can implement buttons in SageCRM that allow your users to create a communication entry in 2 clicks!

Parent/Child Linking Functionality

You may have companies in your CRM database that are related to each other in a Parent/Child model.  Effective Solutions can implement custom code in your SageCRM system to allow you to designate the Parent/Child relationships on records in CRM.  

A person on his computer working at his desk.
Agroup of coworkers are discussing about there work.
Coworkers are discussing about something on the computer during work.
A woman at her office working on her computer.
A group of people on their computer at work.

Auto Update CRM Account Manager based on Sage 100 SP #

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