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Advanced Customization Package

This is a core requirement of most of our other enhancement items.  Most of our SageCRM customers that are integrated already have this package in place, and they are loving it!
The out-of-the-box integration between SageCRM and Sage 100 gives you some nice functionality, but it doesn't give you all of the sales and purchase information you need. Our Advanced Customization packages gives you key sales fields (YTD Sales, Last Invoice Date, Past Due Balances, etc.) on the company record, and well as visibility to Sage100 Quotes, Open Orders, Invoices and Item level purchase history. This is all visible in SageCRM without needing to login to Sage 100.

S5Maps - Google Maps

Integration for SageCRM

This enhancement displays all of your SageCRM companies on a Google map.  You also have the option of implementing a routing modules if you sales team needs to plan and manage route sales.

Add Tracking Numbers to Invoice Data

Make Tracking Numbers available to CRM users when they are reviewing invoice transactions from the Invoices tab of a Company record.

Auto Update CRM Account Manager based on Sage 100 SP #

Scripts that auto update the CRM Account Manager using the Sage 100 Sale person No information.

Customer Monthly Sales Breakdown

Filter Out Image files from Documents Tab

Displays monthly sales totals for the Customer record you are on SageCRM

When emails are attached to SageCRM, the signatures on those emails often contain 3-4 image files that also get attached and parsed on to the Documents tab in SageCRM.  These image files clutter up the Documents tab.  We implement scripts to filter out these unwanted image files from the Documents tab in SageCRM.

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