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Google Maps Integration for SageCRM

Base Module Functionality

Display all of your SageCRM Company records on a map within SageCRM with the click of a button.  Pull up a company in SageCRM and then click on the S5 Maps tab it will open up a separate Google Maps window with all of the SageCRM Companies as pinpoints on the Map. 

Key Features

- Pinpoints are different colors based on the type (Customer, Prospect, etc.)

- Key SageCRM data is quickly accessible when you click on pinpoints

- Filter your records by Company Type, Account Manager, Territory, etc.

- Search the Google Maps for prospects that may not be currently in SageCRM

- Add prospects from Google Maps to your SageCRM database with the click of a button

For SageCRM Partners - reach out to us to find out about the reseller program

Routing Module

We also have a module that lets you use Google Maps to create Sales Routes using your records from SageCRM.  This is a good fit for sales users that go on road trips to visit customer and prospects and need to plan out who they are going to meet with each day and plan out their hotel stays.  You can setup days you will be traveling and plan out what companies/stops you want to plan out for your visits.  It helps you make an efficient use of your sales time. 

How much more productive could your sales team be if they could see their SageCRM records on a Google Map?  And also search that map for new prospects that are not currently in SageCRM?

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